About US

Experience & Tradition

The Xtens Nail System was created from 25 years of experience in working with products utilizing traditional values. Years of honing our skills as nail techs and respecting core values helped us to pioneer new innovative standards that will improve the overall experience for both the professional nail techs and the consumer

Why Choose Xtens

Unlike most, our products were tested by licensed professionals on participating clients in a real salon environment over a 6 year time span. The idea was to have joint collaboration from both professionals and consumers alike, to achieve the most desirable nail system possible. Though no system can be perfect, The Xtens Nail System comes pretty darn close.


We pride ourselves on being innovators in a very competitive industry. Our goal is to introduce viable products and create new standards that will elevate the nail industry into the next era. We did not rush to market just to say we were first. Rather, we put all of our efforts into years of research, testing, trials and errors. After which, we can say that we are truly THE FIRST to have created a complete innovative nail system that will undoubtedly revolutionize the nail industry. Patent # US 8,534,299

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